Guided tours

Languages spoken at Myskoxcentrum: Swedish and English.

Book your tour or call 0684-155 80. NOTE Guided tour booked at least 1 hour before the start, then given the option to drop in att Härjebrygg, Bygatan 37 Tännäs. 
Guided tours  in 1,5 hours length, every day of the year, starting at Härjebrygg, Bygatan 37 Tännäs.


Meetingpoint parkingplace at Härjebrygg, Bygatan 37 Tännäs

  • Kl 10.00–11.30 (every day of the year)
  • Kl 12.00–13.30 (every day of the year)
  • Kl 14.00–15.30 (12/6--27/8)
  • Kl 16.00–17.30 (19/6–13/8)

0-7 years           Free
8-15 years        80 SEK
Adult               160 SEK

For questions about guided tours of groups , prices or viewing at other times , please email us at 
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Personalize your clothes to the weather, boots or boots is not needed . Dogs and other pets are not allowed into the myskoxpark. The tour takes about 1.5 hours .

Only guided tours

Muskoxtour starts at Härjebrygg located on Bygatan 37 in Tännäs. We begin with general information about the musk ox and a review of the tour, then we drive a few kilometers in ouwer own cars to Myskoxcentrum (think of the environment , please carpool ) . There we go first up in the observation tower where the guide shows and tells how the musk ox have lived and are living in our mountains. Then we continue to muskox park and views ramp - here we come very close to the musk ox . Your guide will tell and show you about muskox history, way of life and a exhibition.

The Musk ox is an arctic animal that during millions of years has adapted to climate changes such as ice ages and warm periods. For about 50 000 years ago, when the man showed up and discovered that the musk ox was an easy prey to hunt, they were hunted to extinction in Europe. Swedens now only wild musk oxen are in the mountain area west of the village Tännäs in county Härjedalen. These animals are descendants of five individuals who immigrated in 1971 from Dovrefjäll in Norway. The Musk oxen  in Myskoxcentrum  are from Ryöya near Tromso in northern Norway. These animals are quite used to people. The enclosure in Tännäs is 15 hectares and contains three smaller enclosures, which can be used  for breeding and research purposes. The visit enclosure is a ramp two feet above the ground, from where the animals can be observed. To see the mysk ox centra you book a guided tour.